After the last crocheted blanket I wanted to have a go at another one. So, working in red, orange and pink I started with an oval shape but I didn’t like it so I pulled it apart and crocheted a circle instead. But I wasn’t liking that either and I wasn’t sure why until I realised it was all just too bright and I didn’t want to work in these colours. I thought the best thing to do was make two circles for it to become a cushion cover. However I’ve now given up on that and started a new project instead.

The new colours are far more restful and I’m not actually using that many of them either. Relying instead on pale turquoise as the main colour interspersed with calm shades of blue and green. I’m not allowed to put crocheted blankets on our bed (Hubby says they’re too old fashioned) but there’s nothing to stop me having this as a throw for the sofa in the dining room.

As you can see I’ve managed to work in straight lines this time. I confess it’s easier but I’m getting a little bored and once I’ve finished this I’ll be back to circles. The plan for this one is to have a go at a fancy edging as well. A different one on each edge I think. Photos will follow if and when I finish it.:)

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  1. Lovely shades – keep at it, it will be worth it when you are snuggled underneath it. My other half also poo-pooed the crochet blankie on the bed until I made it and he is now converted – loving the weight and the warmth.
    I have a soft spot for blues with hints of chocolate – hmmm yum

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