Handmade at Home evening

You wonder if it’ll all come together, you wonder if anyone will turn up but I have to say that last night was a good evening. Having fretted about stock levels, I then worried about where to put it all and was there enough space for Tracy’s work? Tables had to be swopped and moved around but I got there in the end.

It was a real pleasure to meet Tracy and to rummage through her work whilst she, poor girl, was still trying to set it out. People turned up, the drinks and conversation flowed and sales were made. Here are a few items that will never make it to my website as, joy of joys, they sold last night.

I have to admit to buying one of Tracy’s art rings and making an order for a little something for Christmas for my daughter. You can see more of Tracy’s work in her folksy store so do take a look.

One of the things that surprised me most was how many people whom I thought had no connection in common, actually knew each other and they spent happy minutes trying to figure out how and when they’d first met. Many didn’t turn up but those that did more than made up for their absence and created a lovely atmosphere. I thank them all.

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