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A couple of years ago I invited friends and neighbours round to have a look at what I make and hopefully to sell a few items. It all worked well and so I thought it was a good idea to repeat it again this year. As before, I wanted to have more than my felt to offer and friend Philippa put me in touch with Tracy from Ruby Spirit Designs. Now Tracy and I haven’t met but I’ve seen her work locally and she sounded lovely on the phone so we’ve agreed that next Tuesday the 23rd will be our Handmade at Home day.

My daughter was roped in to deliver some invites by handing them to her friends to pass on to their mums. This is my first worry – will all those girls remember to pass on the invites? I know some have got through as I’ve had two people tell me they will come. The next worry of course is have I got enough stock?

This is one of the book covers I’ve made. It’s called Sari as the decoration is recycled sari silk fibres. I’ve also made more brooches but I needed to as I was lucky enough to sell four from my shop last week. Of course I couldn’t ignore the festive season so I’ve also made lots of sparkly hearts for Christmas trees.

There are still a few items to finish off, Mum to take Christmas shopping and Knit and Stitch show at Harrogate next week which I need to prepare for (more of that later). But which do I worry about first? – that people won’t come or that so many will come I won’t have enough cups or glasses?

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  1. look at all those hearts! oh man; i’m way behind on my making hearts and xmas trees and this is giving me a kick! i need more time! (they look lovely by the way)

  2. Hi Angela, I love the book covers, I know very little about felting, will definitely give it a go sometime. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, it’s always lovely to see new visitors!

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