It doesn’t seem too long since I last played with the look of my site but I decided (with prompting from hubby) to make one or two changes. He was quite surprised I agreed, but then I never did like to be predictable.

The patterned background has gone, in it’s place is a very stylish dark blue/purple. The pages should soon be white rather than the current very pale purple. I think these changes will make the site look fresher without any major work. What do you think, should I change anything else?

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  1. I’ve played with various back grounds, did originally start with black with a white font and although it was striking, it was also difficult to read comfortably. I now have white too, having experimented with shades of blues and greens, but am happiest with white – it doesn’t compete with the photographs and doesn’t detract from the written word.

    And as for lunch – yes please 🙂

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