Well timed workshop

Saturdays workshop was short scarves and fingerless mittens using nuno techniques. A couple of people didn’t make it but a big thank you to those who did. And the reason? – snow. I’ve never had a problem with snow affecting workshops pre-Christmas before but although there wasn’t more than an inch where I live, it wasn’t so for everyone. Given how cold they’re forecasting the weather to be this week it seems scarves and fingerless mittens were the right things to be making – well timed indeed.

The scarves are long enough to be tied around the neck but you can see the blue one had a slit cut into it to form a hole, which allows the scarf to be fastened by threading through itself. We used cotton muslin and merino fibres and finished with silk fibre decoration. If you can’t see the silk it’s because it tends not to shine whilst still wet.

The mittens are silk chiffon with merino wool and silk decoration. With the muslin you get a larger texture than with the silk chiffon. I thought it would be useful for people to work with two fabrics to understand the different effects that using different fabrics gives to nuno felt. Didn’t they do well?

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  1. these are all lovely, looks like another great workshop!

    how are you faring for snow? i had my last stall of the year on saturday, then the snow really set in. we’re still snowed in and i had to hoof it to the day job today! still, after trudging through the snow for an hour, it means i can have an extra piece of homemade marmalade cake tonight, without feeling too guilty!

    hope you’re wrapped up warm :)x

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