12 days of Christmas

I’ve never allowed my daughter to have a chocolate advent calendar, it just feels like something that doesn’t need to be rewarded with sweets. Surely the fact that Christmas is a day nearer and you have a door to open is sufficient? Well, that’s how I feel though I know many don’t agree.

But I have for some time felt that I’d like to institute a new tradition for our small family. Neither me nor Hubby come from a background where the twelve days of Christmas are important so not a new tradition to observe it but a new tradition for us.

Some people give presents on each day, some only on twelfth night. We’ve decided to mark the days but to also give a token gift on twelfth night. Nothing expensive and hopefully something handmade.

Now, how to mark the twelve days? I did think of cutting up some spare felt and making little pockets but remembered I’m addicted (for now anyway) to making these little snowflakes and they need a purpose. What better purpose than to hold tiny gifts or chocolates (I know, I know, but I am soft hearted).

I’ve made lots of them in many colours, every colour of double knit wool I have acually. After looking through them I picked my favourite colours and started stitching them together. They could have been crocheted together but I chose to use a whip stitch leaving a small space for contents to be added.

On the back I crocheted a braid in four colours and added beads at the end to weight it and stop it swinging around when on the wall. The vertical format should enable me to identify a home for it more easily amongst our many paintings and Christmas decorations. At the moment they’re stuffed with nuts, I daren’t put chocolates in yet or they wouldn’t even last until Christmas.

As the day was quite dark I took it outside for a photo but it’s now back inside hanging on the wall. My daughter has been home from school for over three hours and hasn’t noticed it yet! When she saw it in the early stages she did say “that’s really cool” so I’m guessing she’ll still be pleased.

I don’t know what I’m going to make with them but I DO feel the need to make more snowflakes.

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  1. this is so lovely! adore the colours too.

    i’m going through a ‘everything must be beaded’ phase so i would be tempted to add a few pearly white seed beads and hang the stars from everything 🙂

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