I’ve never really been inspired by landscapes preferring instead the detail and texture of nature BUT, just occasionally I have a go. Even more occasionally they work out okay. The problem I have is that even though I know I don’t have to be constrained by what I see, I usually am and can’t seem to break free from trying to create what is in front of me. I don’t know why, but today, I thought it might be my day to have another go.

The Cow and Calf rocks is a local landmark. Ages ago I made a landscape based on it and then threw it in the bin, so great was my disgust with the outcome. When in a better mood I had a go at drawing my interpretation and those who’ve read this blog before will know I don’t like straight lines, so I didn’t use any. This drawing has been lurking in a dark place waiting for the ‘right mood’ for me to create it in felt.

I like the effect of the lines and movement in the felt but the size and height of the rocks is wrong. No idea what I was looking at when I laid the fibres out – it wasn’t my drawing that’s for sure. Disappointed rather than disgusted I had another couple of goes.

Much better this time. The rocks are a better proportion and height but still the same movement in the piece. My husband didn’t like that the rocks were joined so I’ve split them off and now I’m not sure which I prefer. Do you think he was right? Overall, an improvement on some I’ve done before and I liked working this way. Note to self – try it again.

Added later – I had another go. I decided that I want the rocks to connect but not necessarily by a line of wool. Otherwise I think they look a little plonked. The purple of the rocks was too deep so here’s the new one.

I think it looks better with a connection between the rocks but the wool spirals are a little too swiss roll. If the lines of wool curled but were broken it might be better. So I tried it.

Now this one I’m very happy with. I decided to make it in natural coloured Shetland wool with just a few bits of wool yarns and a few Teeswater curls in the sky for texture. The broken lines are better than the continuous spirals. I begin to see how I can take this style forward but not right now as I think I’m ready for a change of subject.

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  1. I havn’t tried felting myself, but these look wonderful. I think your second purple picture is the best one. It’s more like your original drawing. Which I think itself is pretty cool! Keep up the lovely work. Melissa.

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