Leaves, soup and music

My daughter and I got together with another mother / daughter duo to spend the day making floral Christmas decorations. It was a creative and very productive day as the pictures show.

These were made by our visitors and the ones below by my daughter. The black ribbon is quite dramatic and the one with the purple baubles is fun.

The containers are jam jars sprayed with either gold or silver paint. I wasn’t sure if the paint would stick but it has and I think they look very effective. Our visitors also made wreaths but I’m not allowed to say who made which one as the winner, as judged by the men of the house, will adorn the fireplace.

Below are the offerings from me. I really wanted to use the silver sprayed hydrangea heads but it didn’t go quite as planned and I ended up with a 100% silver decoration which isn’t what I wanted but it sort of looks okay in the threesome. The candle in a ring has worked very well and looks fab in my hall and the lotus head and fatsia arrangement is proudly adorning my mantelpiece.

I’ve never made a wreath before and thought I’d have a go without a ring (hadn’t planned ahead, didn’t have one!). It looked a good shape and size on the table but as you can see it’s enormous on the door and has rather collapsed under it’s own weight. I still can’t decide whether to take it apart and have another go or whether to live with it, it does look quite pretty.

P.S. I did also make a tied bunch which fell apart as expected, was put back together and, as I still didn’t trust it to behave, was put in a vase. As for the soup and music? Well, I’d said bring something to share for lunch, Hubby made a blue cheese and celeriac soup and our visitors brought butternut squash soup. A very soupy day! My CD player copes with six CDs ar a time and can be set to play randomly. Somehow it didn’t turn out that way, but I didn’t mind as my CD was one of the ones it liked to play most often.

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  1. ok, leaves, hmmmm soup and music?

    But love the leaves, your door foliage looks great against that blue, 🙂 Looks like a successful day x

  2. ha ha ha ha!

    So I am not the only one who forgets things! Oops, just remembered, I am still at work, so better stop playing about 😮

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