Lucky me!!!!!!

I know it’s not done to boast but I really am sooo lucky that I just had to share these pics with you.

My new handmade needlecase and bookmark. The design on the bookmark is of a sheep silhouetted against a sunset.

Handmade cookies but not quite as many as there were in the box when I opened it.

This picture is all her own work too including the composition. I also received homemade bubble bath and her Dad got all handmade presents too including three really funny cartoon type bookmarks. We’re so proud of her.

2 Replies to “Lucky me!!!!!!”

  1. Happy New Year, my friend!!
    Yes…you have a very sweet and loving (and talented) daughter!
    What marvelous presents!!
    I wonder whether you have ever (or would) do a ‘Christmas cracker’ tutorial for us Anglophiles sometime?
    I would love to make some for next year (always thought you had to buy them)!!

  2. Thanks Heather, I’d be delighted to do a tutorial for you next year. I’m wishing I’d made extra so we could have some on New Years Day too. The bought ones can be very expensive and not always good value so we took to making our own a few years ago and there’s no going back now. The key thing is to ensure every cracker has a really bad joke in it. it’s not the same if the jokes are decent!

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