Nuno workshop

Earlier in the week I ran an introduction to nuno workshop. Nuno is a wet felting technique where fabric and wool fibres are bonded together through the felting process. We worked across a range of fabrics each of which gives a different textured finish.

The pink fabric is a synthetic which is harder to work with but gives lovely big crinkles in texture. The less fibre that passes through the fabric the larger the crinkles. Next to that is a silk which in addition to giving texture also adds shine. Bottom left is on cotton muslin with the outline of a pre felt showing through and the final sample is on my personal favourite, silk chiffon.

You can see the muslin has far more crinkles (but smaller) than the synthetic and in the sample above on silk chiffon you can see it’s a smoother finish still. The black circles are more silk chiffon added to the fibre side to make it truly double sided. Nuno is a very interesting technique and is a favourite way of working for me.

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  1. another great workshop by the looks of it! really like the different textures you get from using different materials. i need to start practising some more nuno, only done a few small pieces but now you’ve inspired me :)x

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