Snow, snow, snow

We’ve had so much of it recently that you’d think we were bored of it by now but not so. Only yesterday we were having a snowball fight when, hang on, why were we having a snowball fight on the wii when we could be having one outside? So we donned warm gear and set off for a walk down by the river which is beginning to freeze over again.

Our teenager wasn’t keen on going for a walk but certainly seemed to enjoy it when she did. All she needed was a stick to poke and hit things with as well as for drawing in the snow, whenever we could find somewhere where the rabbits hadn’t put their big feet already.

Something about this photo makes me think layer cake. Hubby was, as ever, in pursuit of the perfect shot whilst I concentrated on a few family snaps. Here’s my favourite snaps of the snow.

The snow and frost changes our world and in the case of the centre photo makes it look almost alien. You can see the river already frozen most of the way across.

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