Good day?

I’ve had a splendid day I hope you’ve had one too. Today was the first adult workshop of the year during which we made jewellery. Beginning with needle felted shapes we moved onto wet felted balls (really must finish the tutorial for that) then went onto beads of other shapes and ways to mass produce them i.e. make a roll and cut it up.

We spent the afternoon making two necklaces. The first is wool wrapped directly onto thonging which can either be tied or have findings attached.

The second are pendants which have marbles in the centre. I love using glass with wool the contrast in materials is wonderful. The hard with soft, the matt with the shiny.

Both can be used as they are but will also look wonderful if stitch or beads are added. Lovely group of women, great day.

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  1. Hi
    It was a GREAT workshop, which I recomend to anyone interested in being ‘adventurous’ with felt jewellery.

    pics to follow

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