Round up

I had hoped to show you the finished felt today but after a cartoon style fall on the ice yesterday, I can barely move my neck so no felting for me today. We should have been going away for the weekend tonight but after I received a call from school this morning I knew that wouldn’t happen either. Sick child now being pathetic on the sofa poor dear.

Instead I thought I’d show you one or two things I’ve bought either from charity shops or in the sales.

I adore these glass bowls and plates that I bought in the sale. Silly grin on the face each time I use them.

It was impossible to resist this pretty cake plate.

I bought these subtle blue placemats in the sale and this plate is the first of six I intend to buy that will not be matching. Always have I bought sets but I’ve had a yearning for ages to have six mismatched plates. So pretty.

We don’t usually dress the house for birthdays but I fancied getting the lights back out for a few days. The bunting is back up – hooray and it gives me such pleasure to remember all you kind folk that donated pieces.

Number 10 of new things – I made braised red cabbage – strange that I’ve only ever had it pickled or raw but never cooked it before. Hubby liked, I don’t mind it, daughter thought it weird. Number 11 was making cheesy snacks – a little too fatty for me but nice for a change. And did I tell you I made granary bread again? Better than last time but nothing to write home about but the fmaily appreciate the effort (so they tell me).

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  1. i love your new glassware and plate, if m didn’t put his foot down our house would have been full of such finds a long time ago! there’s always room for just one more … 🙂

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