Trollen weaving / braiding

We were shown how to do this a few years ago by a friends daughter. I’ve never researched it and I do know that you can make larger ones using more threads but check out my tutorial for how to make the braids using 7 threads. It makes a very strong round cord.

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  1. I remember doing something similar called lucet braiding – it was Viking – and made a similar ‘rope’, its great fun and quick to do – instant gratification – have you recovered from today?

  2. Yes, I too remember Lucets and french knitting (now known as knitting nancy) I bet there are others too and yes I have recovered thanks.

  3. Know nothing about braiding or knitting, except that it is beautiful. However, I do know about being 50 and then some…it is wonderful!! No more caring about anything except fun and craziness…best age yet:-)!! Love the mad cow remark! Happy Birdday!!

  4. i’ll have to give this a try, looks like it may become addictive.

    and happy birthday to you! you hide it well my deary 🙂 i’ve a biggie on the birthday front next year, and it’s not bothering me as much as i thought – i keep telling myself that as long as i keep playing and having fun i’ll never grow up or grow old, it is just a number after all. perhaps we can start a mad cow club 🙂

  5. excellent idea – would you like to be a founding member of the mad cow club? I’ve certainly no intention of growing up.

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