Finished – Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

I may not have done it when I was supposed to, but apart from nipping out for an emergency 5 litres of PVA I’ve been hard at it all day and have actually finished, yes you heard right, I’ve finished a few things. (victory dance …) Please excuse the photos I had to dash them off quickly before the light faded.

These two little A6 notebooks are made from Herdwick wool and they’ve worked out pretty well. The embroidered heart one has angelina fibres and silk noil included, the other has fancy yran and embroidered lines on the front and a wool yarn on the back.

This lovely coffee and cream notebook cover has been beaded and so have the bluse and green ones you see in the background. Merino fibres this time.

I finished the merino and marble pendant with silver grey and black glass beads. I’ve been looking at this for a few days wondering how much to bead, I even stopped twice then decided it needed more. Happy with it now I think.

Now here, I have to admit that my daughter has actually beaded four of these (yes, she was that desperate for something to do).

You may spot something of a theme with this brooch, another item made with lace. It’s an experiment and opinion is divided in our house. I’m not keen, my daughter is. The beading is very subtle crystal type beads which sparkle in the sun but I couldn’t get a picture of that without casting my shadow on it.

I’ve also finished another school hanging and the mystery item from two weeks ago but they’re still drying, photos to follow later. The only reason I’ve got all this done today, during half term, is that my daughter has a friend round. Together they’ve lost all the balls we own and turned the lawn into mud but Oh, how mice to see some sun for a change. I hope your day has been as good 🙂

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