New book covers

I can smell spring is just around the corner – I even saw a bee this week! So I felt inspired to create a new book cover in soft pastel shades.

This is what the pink one looked like when all laid out ready for felting. It looks so soft and gorgeous in this state I wish I could keep it like this.

The blue looked equally delicious.

The base is white merino wool with a light covering of pastel pink over which I laid silk fibres in raspberry ripple colours and placed the flowers on top. I wanted light and delicate and I think I achieved this. The flowers on the front of the book have been embellished with crsytal beads and the cover is finished off with blanket stitch.

I’m so pleased with them, I can feel more in the pipeline along with a cushion or two I think. In my head there’s plans for table runners too if only I can find the time.

6 Replies to “New book covers”

  1. oh these are delightful, gorgeous spring colours and the lace works really well. p.s. if you find any spare time, please send some my way 🙂

  2. Thanks Tracy. I’ll make one for you – how about a swap for a bit more old lace or some silk fibres? I didn’t want to suggest you making anything as I know how pushed for time you are. 🙂

  3. eeeeek!

    i think i may have been inadvertently cheeky there! i was meaning that if you found any spare time, please send some of your spare time my way.

    but now that you mention it, a swap would be good fun, i’ll drop you an email.

  4. No, you certainly aren’t cheeky – I took it as a compliment that you liked the journal. so please don’t worry , it was my mistake in misreading your comment. Swapsies, yes please.

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