They may only be little

They may only be little but they’re big on talent. I’m working with Water Street Primary School in Skipton for a few weeks. Each week I work with a different class to produce a wall hanging with a  theme and a few techniques.

This first hanging has been made by children in reception class using weaving skills and the children in this class are only 4 and 5 years old. Not easy to concentrate for long periods at a time when you’re so young but they did a really great job. And the theme – seasons. We’ve used all kinds of fabrics plus paper, packaging and plastic bags etc. Everything has been donated so the cost for materials is nil.

Most of the weaving was done on cards, then we covered some cardboard shapes and the sticks at the bottom are first attempts at God’s Eye weaving. For the helpers it was fast,furious, chaotic and so much fun! I’ll try and show you photos from each class as we go along and then a grand finale at the end.

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