Last week it was the turn of Year 5 to make a textile hanging based on their theme of astronomy. However, as there are 33 children in the class that presents some logistical problems, so I thought it best to produce a tryptych. We spent the first session designing and making individual planets, stars and even a black hole. Each child also made a small felt rope.

In the second session we split into three teams and within each of these we then had three more teams. This allowed me to keep changing who was working on the large hanging and each child had a go at every stage of the process. We laid out white fibres followed by mid blue, navy and black to form our night sky background, after which we added some throwsters silk waste fibres for a little sparkle.

Whilst some were working on the background, the other children were cutting out their planets ready to be added and they also cut some triangles for extra decoration down the side of the hangings. With a little time to spare they made small 3D planets which I later stitched on. We added the ropes to the tops of the felt as this will be the mechanism by which the felt is hung. All I need to do is cut a length of dowelling and tie the ropes on.

Once eveything was laid on we all gathered round for the big rub to set the patterns in place. To finish the felt we used the teams again and rolled both with our arms and with our feet (not at the same time you understand, the children aren’t that bendy!). These are traditional methods of feltmaking and I’m proud of how the hangings have turned out. Sorry I can’t show you a full shot of all three but it’s raining (again) outside and even on a step ladder I can’t fit them all into shot.

If you haven’t seen the work of the other years then you can take a look now. reception, year one, year two, year three

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  1. The work you have done with the pupils is absolutely amazing, Angela. They have been excited and enthused by the work and excited by the rersults too. Thank you so much–I keep spreading your word to other schools too so I hope that’s OK.

  2. this is wonderful! it must be great to be able to inspire the children and to see such great end results too 🙂

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