Crazy patchwork

More work from Water Street School. Year three were working on a theme of light and dark and I took along some examples of crazy patchwork which was very popular during victorian times. The idea is that you can take patches of varying sizes and shapes and overlap them. Each patch may also be decorated with motifs, embroidery or buttons and each seam is also decorated with embroidery or lace etc. The more you put on the better it looks.

I began by asking each child to draw a triangle and then to work within the confines of that shape. As the theme was light and dark, I had some children working in light colours on a white background and the remainder working in dark and bright colours on a dark background.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I would do with the triangles when completed but thought working on this shape would allow me quite a few options when I came to make the hanging.

I decided the school probably had enough rectangular hangings by now and that three smaller ones would mean they’d have more places where they could be displayed. I understand these will be in the cloakroom area where the children will see them each day.

Bearing in mind that some of these children will only ever have used a needle and thread in school before and are aged 7/8 I think they did incredibly well. A few completed their triangles and even managed to move onto decorating with threads, ribbons and ric rac trim.

If you haven’t seen the work of the other years then you can take a look now. reception, year one, year two

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