Didn’t quite work out

I decided to make an all in one envelope cushion in Blue Faced Leicester fibres and set to with a will. I began by making pre-felts in 5 different colours and influenced by folk art was thinking of stylised trees and flowers.

As you can see, the laying out went well. The background was worked to pre-felt stage and my trees and flowers laid out.

I was very happy with it at this stage and it looks quite fine. As it’s a cushion it needs to be well felted and I knew that pre-felts can sometimes appear to ‘bleed’ so I was working with quite firm pre-felts. Even so, it’s really not a good finish.

The white has really come up through the colours as expected but hasn’t given me quite such a pastel finish as I’d hoped for. What really ruins it for me is the ‘bleeding’ on the black pre-felt so this is now destined to be a sample. It did lead me to further experimentation with pre-felts and I can push them much further than I’d thought and still successfully felt them together. We live and learn.

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  1. I like the bleeding through… it looks softer than the sharp lines you were hoping for. If you really are unhappy with it you could over dye it or airbrush or even needle felt it to try yet another look. But if you just set it aside I’ll bet you’ll like it a lot better when you pull it back out in a couple of weeks.

  2. Thank you both. The black just seems too dominant, perhaps if I stitch over it with another colour, maybe that would knock it back a bit.

  3. I bet if you stitched over the areas you are not happy with, it would help define the areas. I really do like the design. 🙂

  4. Ethereal and as beautiful as it is, I can see what you mean about the black being dominant, your idea of over stitching or some sort of embellishing sounds a good idea – remember your needle felt birds that you needled extra swirly brighter colours on? Something like that?

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