It’s love!

I don’t normally like yellow textiles very much but I’m so pleased with the way this bag turned out.

It’s made from merino wool fibres with soya bean fibre decoration on the outside for a little sheen. I love the quirky shape.

The handle is felted in for strength and as you can see, I’ve decorated the outside with extra flowers and some pearl beads. There’s an external pocket on the back.

My original idea was to have the small flowers dotted about on the bag front but I prefer them clustered on the flap. The external fibres are a carded mixture of gold, custard and acid yellow fibres.

The interior is plain gold with white lace flowers for decoration and two handy internal pockets.

I’m so happy and will get this into my shop as soon as I can.

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  1. wow! this is lovely, there’s so much too it – i love the flowers, the shape, the beading and it’s the perfect colour for spring πŸ™‚

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