Me, a featured maker!

I don’t think I’ve ever been a featured maker before on someone else’s blog – it’s quite exciting and I have to say a little cringe making when I read back what I wrote. Anyway you can see it for yourself on Tracey’s blog. Narkeymarkey features a different maker ech week and there’ve been some really interesting interviews. Thanks for mine Tracey.

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  1. Nice to find your blog and also to see that I am not alone in my ADD passion to constantly try new things in crafting . ( I figure if I wanted to make widgets, I would get a job in a factory . )Amazing how many different things can be made from felting …love it !

  2. Oh, Angela–There’s nothing ‘cringe-worthy’ in Tracy’s interview of you at all!
    It’s lovely (and I also think it’s wonderful that you mention your husband (several times) with such warmth…I love happy marriages!)
    Congratulations!! XXO-

  3. you’re more than welcome, very happy to feature you on my blog 🙂

    and it wasn’t cringe-worthy at all, it made for a very good read (and you didn’t really come across as too mad at all!!) :)x

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