New brooches

I’ve been having a play around to find a new brooch style that I like and I have a favourite but take a look and let me know what you think.

For a change I’ve been manipulating 2D felt rather than shaping it during the felting process. I really liked the idea of this one but having made it up I’m not keen so this one won’t be making it into my shop.

Quite interesting shapes which would benefit from a few stitches or beads. My vote goes to the blue one but what do you think?

Last night I wasn’t sure about these but this morning it’s love. Yes, they’ll definitely be making it into my shop. I’ve tried them with buttons in the centre and that doesn’t work, what do you think, a few beads to finish them off?

2 Replies to “New brooches”

  1. Well, I love the squirly wirly sea squid ones, they look organic, coral reef like
    And then, I love the flat art deco style ones, naked they look hammered out of rusty iron, would look good on a sharp suit, beads – yes, yes
    However, I love your multi-coloured ever decreasing spiral roses, fun, funky and wonderful.

    Sorry – no help then.

    What can I say – I love your work…………..

  2. Thank you Kate, what a boost to my ego 🙂 It seems playing around with ideas was worthwhile, I just need to try and squeeze a few more hours out of the day and then I can make some more.

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