Rag rugged pictures

You’ve already seen what reception and year one children achieved in their textile sessions, today it’s the turn of year two. Just before they went on a visit to the Bradford Industrial Museum, where they’d see quite a number of rag rugs, they had a go at the technique for themselves.

The first afternoon we spent time practising the technique but it was abvious that in the time we had, it wouldn’t be possible to finish the hangings that way. The solution? We collaged the rest of the fabric on and it gives a lovely contrast in texture and depth.

The children worked really hard on the hangings. All the buildings and weather symbols were taken directly from class work based on their theme of homes and weather. What a cracking job they’ve done.

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  1. The hangings from the work done by the Reception, Year 1 and Y2 pupils look absolutely fantatsic and so professional. The reception one makes me think of a Klimt painting. Can’t wait to see them hanging in school although I hear they may travel to Skipton Library first. Thank you very much, Angela

  2. Thank you Jean, how exciting if the work does get a wider viewing, I’m sure the children would be thrilled too.

  3. Angela those hangings are delightful, I am sure the children are very pleased with their efforts 🙂 Well done x

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