Revealed at last

Remember this?

I promised to reveal it weeks ago but first I didn’t finish as quickly as hoped and then the weather has been so grey I haven’t been able to get a photo. Here it is at last.

I madeΒ  it in Blue Faced Leicester fibre for hanging outside and really wanted something to be inside the pod with lots of slits / windows into it.

The last photo is a little dark but I wanted to show you some of the textures on the pod. Both inside and outside there are teeswater locks. Inside also has some fabrics as well as the hanging curl you see above which is wire bound with wool fibre and silky yarn.

There are six openings. Both top and bottom tails have rope added for extra texture. The top tail also has three holes in it. the top hole can be used for hanging the pod or it can be tied in a knot as shown.

This silky yarn is the devil to work with so I first wove it in a round and then felted it in. You can’t see the weaving now but it is a fabulous shiny texture!

I’m quite happy with how this worked out but it is only a prototype for larger ones I have in mind and I would like to see MUCH more texture on the next one. Here’s hoping I find the time soon.

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  1. wow!!! this is amazing! i love the shape, the colour, the textures – the silky yarn was well worth the effort, and the hanging curl inside is fab. can’t wait to see what you do next :)x

  2. Love seeing your work as always, and thanks so much for the tutorial, i am going to have to do some experimenting now.
    thanks for sharing

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