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I’ve got quite a collection of felt making books and was thinking perhaps it would be useful for you and me to review them. Who knows perhaps I don’t need them all.

Todays book – Uniquely Felt by Christine White

If anyone asks me to recommend a book then this is the one which comes to mind. If you want only one then this is the one. Why? Well, because in each chapter it shows you a different technique with good photos and clear instructions. It also has featured artists and information on why fibres felt, equipment required and projects to try.

Downsides? – just one. This is an American book and there is a little confusion over terminology. In Britain we buy fibres in either batts or tops. In America a top is called a roving. In Britain a roving is tops which have been drafted into pencil thin continuous strands prior to twisting. So if you’re an American your basic fibres are bought in rovings and if you’re British your basic fibres are bought in tops. Got it?

I don’t think we have to make felt as others do, each to their own, but it’s really useful to know different ways of working and to figure out which works best for you. Am I keeping this book – you bet I am.

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  1. I read this book cover to cover in one sitting while manning a table at an event. It has much more than basic skills. The chart of various fibers’ micron count is very helpful, especially when trying out a wool that is “exotic” to your area. It’s also the book I lend out to beginners for its clarity and step by step photos and instructions. Keep the book reviews coming, please!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I’ve thought about book reviews for a while but never got around to it. Now I’ve started I’ll try to do them regularly 🙂

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