Feeling blue

No, I’m not down but I do seem to have done quite a lot of work in blue recently not least of which is the cushion below. It’s a wonderful mix of warm and cold blues onto a white background.

I’ve incorporated wool roving, turquoise Teeswater curls, bits of crystal organza and turquoise and white silk fibres.

After felting I’ve also added some areas of stitch using a loose french knot in: ice blue, teal, navy turquoise and sea green. It’s an envelope style cushion and the back is plain white.

My fibre of choice? Blue Faced Leicester of course!

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  1. Lovely!

    And thank you for coming last night – it was wonderful to see you and all those wonderful squares you’ve made, they are all stitched together now and look excellent – they have a hot date with the post office later this morning 🙂


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