Nuno felting workshop

Eight fabulous ladies made eight magnificent scarves on Saturday, I apologise for my tardiness in showing them to you.

We began by making a sample using cotton muslin and tried incorporating, silks, curls, rovings, pre-felts and other fabrics. This allowed us to see which effects we liked before moving on to make a full size scarf.

The scarves were worked on a base of silk chiffon and after some rolling and some very vigorous throwing they look brilliant. Be warned by Liz’s comment “I could hardly move my right arm above shoulder height yesterday – repercussions of enjoying the “throwing” stage a little too vigorously I think!”

The yellow ribbon like structure on the final scarf is where cotton muslin has been felted onto the silk chiffon – effective isn’t it? I hope you find these pictures inspiring.

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  1. these are delightful, almost makes me tempted to try nuno felting again (lots of expensive and frustrating failures put me off!)

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