Purple and turquoise

Purple and turquoise is the colour of my hands today. I began my dyeing very well yesterday, wearing my mask and gloves and then my gloves sprang a leak and it all went downhill from there. The blanket is 100% wool and I’ve tried to full it by boiling and pummelling but I couldn’t get it to full and so have opted to dye it and use it anyway, I think the purple half is my favourite. But if you’re dyeing one thing you may as well do a few others whilst you’re at it.

One of these yarns is a coarse rug yarn which I rescued from a skip and it takes the dye beautifully. I also dyed some silk chiffon, Teeswater fleece, BFL roving and lambswool yarn. The purple dye bath didn’t look exhausted so I reused it and it’s given the pink you see below.

Yummy and at least I didn’t tip the dye all over the floor and cat food bowls like I did last time.

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  1. Those colours look absolutely sumptuous next to each other – gorgeous, delicious and the aforementioned yummy!
    Nice one Ang !

  2. A lovely batch of dyed goodies! My dyeing days always go like that.. starting off with gloves etc – and always end up the same way.. think Im going to try elbow high marigolds next time 🙂

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