Stitched in felt

Last Saturday I was in Ulverston teaching a group to make felt book covers embellished with stitch. We began by putting some stitches into pieces of fabric, laid out the fibres and them began felting.

Once the felt was at the pre-felt stage we dried it off as best we could and put more stitches into the work.

It was then time to finish felting it. Of course now the felting is finished there’s lots more embellishing that can be done and the best thing is that the more stitch that is put in the better it becomes. It builds up layers of rich texture.

I’m not sure if the ladies realised how much they learned on Saturday – how to felt, felting to a specific size, controlling the shape and incorporating fabrics and threads. Quite a lot really for just one day. I enjoyed the day, they were a pleasure to work with and the lunch was very nice – thank you.

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  1. We enjoyed it as well. We did learn a lot, and I was excited to actually finish a project. I’m looking forward to felting more bookcovers. Thank you. – Rosi

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