All 3D

Saturday’s workshop was all about working in 3D with a lovely group of ladies and one very well behaved dog, although the dog didn’t actually do any felting but was very willing to help with lunch!

Both of these bags were made by complete beginners and I think they made a great job of them. The pods below were inspired by natural forms and will look even more fabulous when extra bits are placed inside.

The vases / vessels have worked out very well too. The flap on the white one shows the gold interior and is decorated with seacell fibres.

This final 3D object was also made by a felting beginner – didn’t she do well? I believe it’s going to have a light placed inside and it has been vented on the back to allow hot air to escape. And my apologies to Penny as I don’t seem to have a picture of her lovely bag.

I’m really looking forward to my next workshop later this month, it’s all about working with British fibres which is one of my favourite things. I just love to share my enthusiasm for British fibres, so many to choose from and all wonderful in their own way.

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  1. I love the gold one. Gives me an idea of where to go next. I wish I was a bit nearer to come to one of your workshops.

  2. I had a brilliant time at the 3D workshop. Since Saturday, I have made a bag and another vase because I was so excited and wanted to try out all the new techniques. I have booked on the Mixed Media workshop too so will see you in November.

  3. Thank you Claire. I’m so pleased you had such a good time and do bring pictures (or the items themselves) to the next workshop, as I’d love to see them.

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