Just the twenty

I’ve been involved with a project called  kyoyu kyoyu share, run by my good friend Kate, for some weeks. Imagine my delight to see this photo and to read about just one of the blankets made by the group which has now been given out.

It’s spurred me on to make a few more granny squares. Not twenty but twenty inches worth! I’m not quite sure how many there are but they’re going to a good cause.

Why not get involved? Although thousands of blankets have now been given out in Japan there are still a lot of homeless people in need. Take a look at http://kyoyukyoyu.blogspot.com/ for how to donate.

4 Replies to “Just the twenty”

  1. 87…that’s how many, 87. My two couldn’t believe the contents of the bag and were counting them in the car!!

    Thank you so so much!


  2. Goodness, even more than I thought. Glad it kept the boys occupied for a few mins and you’re more than welcome.

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