Little blue pot

At my last workshop I began a little pot as part of my demonstration on how to pull and lay out fibres. I’ve now finished it – I think! I seem to be going through a phase of not being totally happy with my items and yet not knowing what it is I want to change, perhaps if I live with it for a while first. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.

I quite liked it this way with the top rolled down but it wasn’t fully felted and was a little too organic for me although now I’m not so sure.

Very plain but I liked the fullness of the shape however, I decided to keep going.

Less plain with this shaping around the neck but I just couldn’t leave it alone!

So this is what I’ve got now. it has some shaping around the neck and is encircled by 8 smaller holes. Still not sure about it. It’s getting smaller all the time and is very nearly at the point of no return but I could just reshape the neck if I wanted. Opinions? Looking at these pictures now I wish I’d gone with the rolled over neck!

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  1. My honest opinion? The second transformation and the final ta da guise are my favourite (in that order) how about sea glass or marbles in the holes? (not sure of your dimensions)


  2. I like the final rendition best. It looks finished. However, if you aren’t happy yet, you could felt a lid for it, or sew trim or buttons or beads around the top edge. Or better yet, make a piece of felt in the same colors and cut it & sew it on in a stylized flower or bow. Or sew contrasting felt inside the rim for a bit of pop.

  3. I have to say I like it. The idea of putting something in the holes is interesting though. I also like the version in the second picture as well.

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