Proud Mum

I am a very proud Mum. My teenage daughter has been watching me crochet granny squares for the last few weeks in order to send them to Kate. Kate and her band of trusty helpers make them up into blankets which are distributed to the people in Japan who lost so much in the earthquake and tsunami. My daughter says I  have “a kind heart”  because I’m involved in this project – thank you C.

Two weeks ago, C decided she’d like to make a baby blanket for  Japan. Eschewing granny squares as too difficult and all help from me (NO, I couldn’t show her how to join thread or turn at the end of rows!) she began a stripey blanket of her own design.

Isn’t it glorious?  I know she was a little worried at the overall shape but I’ve assured her that the baby really won’t notice or care and will still be just as warm. C, you have a kind heart and I’m very proud of you.

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