This is why

Crocheting granny squares, to be made into blankets for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, has kept me occupied the last few weeks and I’m so pleased it has, because this is why we do it.

Two families receiving blankets produced by the Kyōyū kyōyū – share group. You can see the joy on their faces and I think the blue blanket in the second photo is one made by me! I’m so, so pleased. You can read the full story on the Japan Alive website. To get involved, just knit 6″ squares or crochet 5 rounds. Kate and her fabulous knit and stitch group will be very happy to receive any you can make. If you check out her website you’ll see that 29 blankets have already been sent with more in production.

Mush dash, I think I can make another square before breakfast.

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  1. Angela! It is your blankie! Isn’t it wonderful to see these photos, it must be so hard having to cope with the natural disaster yet still create ‘normality’ for your children, thank goodness for your obsessive crocheting 🙂

  2. Absolutely fabulous is what it is and such a hard slog for the families. No-one could criticise me now for being obsessive.

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