Two of my favourite things

Rust and beach glass are two of my favourite things and I’ve wanted to do something with them for ages but it’s been the usual procrastination and claiming I don’t have time. Although, to be fair, I have attempted a piece of art with the nails previously but, it didn’t work out as I wanted.

I began by collecting my materials – rusty nails left behind by the builders, beach glass and florists wire.

Wired the nails into a circle.

Wired on the beach glass and just kept going until it looked right. I did try a few beads as well but they weren’t sufficiently translucent to sit happily alongside the glass.

Now I’ll keep spraying daily with water until the florists wire has rusted to match the nails. It’s not love but I do quite like the finished item and at least perhaps it’ll spur me on to try more.

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  1. Aah, be still my beating heart – this is glorious too (just commented on your bird and felt balls heart)

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