3D British Wool Weekend

As people are so enjoying discovering our native  British wool I’ve decided to add a whole weekend devoted just to this purpose Saturday/Sunday 1st-2nd October. You’ll be able to book either day or book both for total immersion in this smorgasbord of fibre fun. There’ll be over fifteen varieties of wool tops and some raw fleece to choose from. You can work either in a single breed at a time or mix it up and see what effects / colours you can create.

I’ve decided to focus on 3D but that still gives scope for quite a few different things to be made. Try your hand at a pot moulded on a vase / bottle or freeform it just like working clay!  Bring along your own 3D item you’d like to cover – any shape can be covered once you know how. Make a handbag from British wool – many of our native  breeds make lovely hard wearing felt which is ideal for a bag or even perhaps a pair of slippers. Some breeds, like Cheviot, also needlefelt quite well.

If the felt is fine then it looks lovely lit up with a tea light or perhaps you’d like it thick and sturdy to cut into and reveal hidden layers? There’ll be chances to experiment with surface texture and fabulous lustrous plant fibres. If you work on small pieces I’d estimate that you’d make three items like the ones below made by Judith last week. If you’re super speedy, it could be four per day!

You bring a towel, packed lunch, olive oil soap and don’t forget a camera, I’ll supply some delicious British snacks. If you’ve a recipe for any British biscuit that would suit the occasion (we need energy for all this creativity) please let me know. Can’t wait to see you there, I’m so looking forward to it already.

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  1. It would be lovely if you can make it iona but I quite understand if you can’t it is a long drive. I had two ladies over frm Norfolk a couple of months ago and I know it was quite an excursion.

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