Can you take it too far?

My husband thinks I’ve been crocheting like a demon and wonders when I’m going to stop, “haven’t I done enough?”  My answer, no not nearly enough. I love making the squares and knowing that through the efforts of Kate and her team they’ll be turned into blankets for those who need them.

These are just some of the squares awaiting dispatch. At the end of each ball of wool there’s often a little yarn left which isn’t enough to crochet even one round and I find it impossible to throw it away. Usually I put it in the compost but I decided to tie them all together  and crochet a little mongrel square.

My daughter thinks it’s ‘cool’ and I like it but my husband thinks I’ve taken it too far this time. Can you take it too far? Is this just being too obsessive?

P.S. A littel girl visited us this week and sat happily sorting squares for some time, her favourite square? The little mongrel placed carefully atop the pile when she’d finished “so everyone can see it”.

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  1. What’s with it with husbands?? Mine pulled a face on when he looked at your cool square – but I like it loads!!
    Obsessive? Na – dedicated!

    hopefully see you soon

  2. Of course not! Not when it comes to making squares for Japan! I have made 2 times 35 squares and my man asked ‘when are you gonna make a blanket for you’ and I said: well, I don’t need a blanket now do I? Men… 🙂

    Groovy looking squares, yay!

  3. I love obsessions and give in to them totally — I have recently blogged about my latest one. Your squares are lovely x
    Kindest Regards Linda

  4. Thank you Esther and Linda, lovely to see new visitors and to receive such supporting words. Our men may not understand our obsessions butthankfully, they do tolerate them

  5. I love your mongrel square. I do the same with the bits I cut off when sewing things together and then knit them into multi-coloured squares for blankets. I leave the knot ends loose. I think it helps to create air pockets for warmth.

  6. I’ve tried to do the knots as near the end of the yarn as I can, perhaps I should leave more hanging for effect. Thanks Gillian

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