Crafting with Grandma

I took my daughter to see her Grandma this week and asked her what she thought she’d like to do when we got there. shopping?, picnic? lunch out?  No said my daughter I want to “make something” with Grandma so I knew what kind of day we were in for and some of you may remember a craft day from last year – hilarious.

The first job was to consider what the craft might be. Grandma does a lot of card making and they needlefelted last time  so something new was required. Then inspiration struck – sock monsters! Surely that would be something they could do together.I’m not sure that Grandma was ecstatic about the prospect but she set to with a will, what else can a grandparent do?

After a little explanation from me my daughter announced she’d be doing it her own way (no surprise there) and we began our task. It was companionable sitting there, three generations sewing together and enjoying each other’s company. My daughter threaded needles and put knots in thread for Grandma. It was a different day to last year, Mum was more subdued as her leg was playing her up but there were flashes of last year’s misbehaviour and hilarity, especially once we began to sew on faces and stuff the monsters.

I admit to sitting there giggling as I sewed and wondering about what kind of imagination we have as a family. I also admit to playing with them when finished, making up stories, giving them superpowers and naming them. Maybe I need a proper job again. So without more ado here they are.

The little black one is Benny and he’s my creation. All three of the others belong to my daughter and are named, Squidge, Muffy and Tangy. I’ll let you guess which one can kill with it’s ears. Grandma didn’t quite finish hers but it was looking good when we left. It’s amazing how little they look like the socks they were crafted from. It was fun and they seem quite good in the photos but I’m not convinced they could be given to a child to play with, I think they’d disintegrate quite quickly but who cares, they provided us with a lovely days entertainment.

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