Does this happen to you?

It was very hot here yesterday so my daughter and friends arranged to spend the day at the Lido, Mum had a trip to the local park for a picnic, the kids next door played footie all day so what did I do? Gardening, sunbathing? No, of course not, perfect weather for washing and dyeing fleece.

No room for barbecue food here just lots of fabulous Teeswater fleece drying in the sun. It was so hot that it dried quickly, was picked over again and bagged up ready for my next workshop. I also managed to sort out a Wensleydale fleece that’s been waiting my attention for far too long.

No room here for clothes either. You can see I also managed to sort and wash a Whitefaced Woodland fleece. It looked nice before but it’s so white now I can’t wait to get it carded and start some felting. As usual, I struggled with some of the dyeing but I did eventually work out why the yellow dye didn’t work and turn the wool orange – because the yellow dye was a fibre reactive dye! One day I’ll get the hang of this (I hope). All the dyeing I did in the steamer was fine because I used a dye solution I’d previously made up.

It’s a nice feeling to have this wool, washed, dyed and packed away. I’d be happy to do some felting in the sun today but the family are forcing me to go for a bike ride no doubt I’ll enjoy it when I get there.

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  1. What lovely colours. Have decided to treat myself to your weekend in October. Will book it up tomorrow.

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