It was a nice calm day yesterday, perfect weather for giving the forsythia a haircut.

Now we all know what forsythia looks like

but imagine my surprise to find this branch

A flat branch! Now there are those amongst you who are horticulturally knowledgeable so I’m hopeful of an explanation soon. In the meantime I’ll say it again, weird!

2 Replies to “Weird”

  1. Hi my dear, tried to comment earlier, but work got in the way!!
    Your forsythia is suffering from a spot of fasciation – when the plant is damaged by viral or insect intervention which can cause a hormonal imbalance which then causes this ‘over-growth’ Sometimes this is a genetic mutation and can be used to our advantage (over sized veg for eg) but for your shrub, it probably is damage. Best to try and cut out the stem to the very base in case it is viral – helps prevent it spreading through out the plant. xx

  2. Thank you so much, I knew I’d get a quick answr. I’ll go out and have a look at it when the rain stops

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