I went to Cockermouth today for Woolfest. Usually, I’m so virtuous taking with me a list of items that I need and not buying anything else, not quite sure what went wrong today. I intended to buy this recycled plastic fibre, it makes great sheep and clouds.

I intended to buy this crab fibre. Soft, silky but with a ‘funny’ odour, I’ll let you know how it felts in.

BUT then I was tempted into these coloured nepps, they’re great for adding texture

and ditto these Gotland curls – lovely colour

Imagine my surprise when I was further tempted to this hand dyed Merino in fabulous soft shades so unlike my usual brights

AND then these Polwarth fibres. Polwarth is a breed created by crossing a Merino with a Blue Faced Leicester and then that sheep with a Merino. The fibres are soft and slightly lustrous – I’ll let you know how they felt.


My big fall from grace happened in the first five minutes when I bought …………………….. an organic  Gotland sheepskin rug

Aren’t these the most fabulous curls and so soft to the touch. I can’t bear to put it on the floor so it’s on the sofa where I can snuggle up to it. My wonderful husband took all this in his stride for which I’m very thankful.

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  1. I went to Woolfest for the first time and also bought the Gotland curls. They were just so soft. I also bought 3 lots of the batts to have a go at the felted cushion on display. BUT… I am sooo jealous of your sheepskin rug. I think they were just about the most gorgeous things there !

  2. I can’t stop looking at the rug and touching it each time I go past, it’s so gorgeous and I’m so lukcy but it’s beans on toast for tea forever now. Please send a pic of your cushion when it’s done I’d love to see how you get on.

  3. I knew I should have accompanied you to try to keep you under control! Chance would be a fine thing!!! Bet the cats think the rug is wonderful ……

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