Time to panic?

It may well be time to panic. In less than two weeks it’ll be time for Art in the Pen show as Skipton cattle market. I really enjoy this show it always has fantastic exhibitors and it’s kind of fun to be in such an unusual venue. This year however, due to getting involved in the fibre business, I’ve been somewhat distracted and am not nearly as far on with preparations as I should be.

I’m not completely panicked yet but I can feel the level rising with each day. Sometimes you can have a really productive day felting and if that happens I’m sure it’ll turn it all around for me but in the meantime it’sĀ  uncomfortable.

The good news is that if you’re anywhere near Skipton on Friday 12th you are cordially invited to the preview from 7-9pm. the show is open both Saturday and Sunday and at only Ā£1 entrance fee it’s a great way to spend a few hours.

Wish me luck.

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