A brief sojourn

We’re so lucky to have had a brief family sojourn in Paris and so I thought I’d share with you my favourite photos from the trip. Of course we visited all the usual tourist spots.  Although Hubby and I have been before it was a first visit for our daughter who so excited about it. Being in Paris we had to do the shops and first port of call were the designer shops. The prices were unbelievable and that was just the children’s clothing. Highlight of the shops for C was actually entering the Louis Vuitton emporium. Highlight for me, Galeries Lafeyette – just look

I didn’t take too much notice of the contents but the building is a definite wow. From the roof you get a great view of the area and a very good look at the top of the Opera House.  The next delight to share with you is a detail from one of the doors to Notre Dame.

Exactly my kind of thing and hardly a straight line in sight. There must be an opportunity for me to use this somewhere in my work. Some people my not find the next venue a delight but I’ve always had a fondness for graveyards.

This is Montmartre Cemetery. I was keen for my daughter to see a french cemetery as I find them so very different to our own. Kind of built up with lots of  mini houses, some even containing stained glass windows. It’s one of the everyday items that shows a difference between our countries whilst showing the commonalities. Usually my teenager doesn’t like graveyards but this one she quite enjoyed and said it didn’t freak her out like the ones back home.

You just knew there’d be a picture of the Eiffel Tower in here somewhere didn’t you?  I love the angle of this picture taken by my husband. Overall I think I preferred the view from stage two where you get a good view of Paris but can still see some of the detail, rather than from the top where everything starts to get quite small. C felt a little wobbly at that height but managed admirably.

I’ll leave you with this last picture. For a child who’s freaked out by graveyards my daughter was very keen to visist the Catacombs and view the 6 million skeletons therein. When Paris ran out of room in the graveyards and disease was rife they sought to alleviate the problem by exhuming the skeletons and re-siting them in the dis-used stone mines below the city.

I’ve certainly never seen a stranger site. The bones are stacked neatly and in patterns and stretch beyond expectation. Solid walls of human bones. C wasn’t freaked out by this at all but the drops of water from the tunnel roof sure made her jump!

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  1. Hi, yes we’re back too! Glad your hols were enjoyed by all. The iron work on that door is gorgeous. Catch up soon? School hols nearly finished x

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