Oh well!

I’ve been so stressed out with so many things to do, no time to pause, to enjoy the holidays with my daughter or to get through my very very long ‘to do’ list. So sadly, I’ve pulled out of the Art in the Pen Show this week as I really don’t feel I can do it justice this year.

So I now have a little breathing space to sort things for my Mum (not well) and spend some time with my daughter. It’s also shortened my to do list – yippee!

I will now rout my daughter from her bed as the weather is glorious today, too good to spend all day in bed.

6 Replies to “Oh well!”

  1. Oh, Angela–

    What a disappointment!
    I checked out the link to the Art in the Pen Show and it looks awesome!

    Oh, well…life is like this sometimes, and you’ll never regret the extra time you’ll get to spend with your daughter!! XXO-

  2. Right decision – they grow up so quickly and suddenly your plans to do this or to do that is no longer relevant to them, hope your Mom is doing ok xx

  3. I think if you’re feeling overwhelmed then you’ve made the right decision. The show will be there next year but your family will be a year older. It all does so quick. Enjoy every minute of it. Good luck.

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