British Wool Weekend

It’s the new British Wool Weekend show at Harrogate today and tomorrow. I’m not sure that I’ll manage to get along so if any of you do, please let me know what you think of the show as I may take a stall next year. Always presuming it’s a success this year and runs again.

With the emphasis firmly on British you can expect to see anything related to British sheep including ice cream, fibres, yarns and finished products.

If you have made a cushion cover for the “Woolsack” project, there will be a “Fill and Natter” area where you can fill your cushion cover with British Wool stuffing.  Watch the entertaining Sheep Show Man sheering a sheep, visit the Alpacas and Angora Rabbits.

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  1. Eerm – might have to give a miss – I need two legs to get around and at the moment I feel to only have 1 crook one and one knackered one!

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