Working up to it

There’s an idea for a table runner that I’ve had in my head for quite a while now. Over the last few days I’ve managed to make a few pieces of pre-felt for it and I think today might be the day for cracking on with it.

It’s a simple design which I think will look quite stylish in varying shades of natural coloured wools with a twist which I’ll reveal later. The process began by identifying which breeds I’d like to use. So far my list contains, Blue Faced Leicester, Masham, Shetland, Manx, Black Welsh Mountain, Jacob and Cheviot.

When I need pre-felts for projects like this I always make them in 2 layers. After wetting the fibres out,If there are no patterns or embellishments, I don’t rub, I just roll, gradually increasing the pressure as I go along. One of the considerations of working with pre-felts is to have them all at the same stage before you begin to put them together. This means that I’ve created a BFL pre-felt after only 400 rolls but the Black Welsh Mountain took 1,200 rolls to achieve the same state.

Don’t they look lovely? I hope to show you the next stage and dare I say it?, a completed runner, very soon.

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