Friday felt

A small select group met at my house on Friday for a smidgen of felt making.
We’d not met before but we had a great day together, I know I had a ball and felt energised by the session.

Claire had never made flet before , lovely colours on here, inspired by pebbles.

Simple but very effective felt from Kirsten.

Ang loves driftwood and tree bark.

A lovely landscape from Claire.

A wonderful textured tree bark from Ang, can’t wait to see what she creates at home
so remember to send me a pic Ang.

A painstakingly created hellebore from Pippa. the colours are wonderful,
the stamens stand out from the centre and although it’s not quite finished in the picture the
edges of the petals will also curl upwards.

Great landscape  from Kirsten, have you spotted the castle?
Come back soon ladies, I’m ready for another session when you are!

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