Memories and digital cameras

The problem with digital cameras is that you sometimes forget to take the photos off the camera and actually look at them. This seems to have happened to us quite a bit lately but the upside is the delight in re-discovering images and remembering the days on which they were taken.

I love this sandy heart, it was made by our daughter in lieu of an anniversary card.
I think it’s the colours but I just adore the image below.

and this one is pretty nifty too.

This is so making me want to go out with my camera again, if only I had the time.

Our daughter took the photo above and it’s so sharp ypu can see every detail in the wings – exquisite.
You can view the one below and think terrible photo, it’s really blurred or, you can see it as
a wonderful special effect. I plump for the latter.

This one is big, bold and beautiful.

Sometime ago (last year – oops!) we decided to get some photos printed off and put them into an album, sadly they’re still waiting to be stuck in (double oops!). It’s such a shame because we never view them on the computer, tis the downside of digital.

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