Off to new homes

Thought I’d show you these few items before they go off to new homes.
This is natural grey Merino wool with silk fibres.

Deep purple and crocus coloured Merino

I did call this one Bark and you can barely see where the brooch ends and the table begins.
Loving all the copper coloured glass beads.

 I think this one is my favourite colour and I’m very pleased to have used some of
the rug wool which I rescued from a skip and dyed.

3 Replies to “Off to new homes”

  1. these are lovely! must be difficult to let them go. i think my favourite is the bark colour, the beads are just perfect 🙂

  2. Thank you both. I love choosing the beads for the brooches, it’s the contrast of hard, shiny glass with soft, matt felt that appeals to me.

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